Mission & Vision



At the time of its inception, the founders of the Sir Marshal Convent School Nainowal Vaid focus on educating those who really deserve and where education was difficult to reach.

Education is the birthright of every child. A child is born with immense potentialities. There should be a special system of education, where no child is ever rejected, where the child is the center of every activity, where personal attention is given to every child focusing on physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual strengths, which are the four main pillars of education.

The school believes that the positive aspects of Indian Culture, tradition and values must be imbedded in all our children in their formative years. It was therefore felt that the school amongst other areas of focus should also aim at providing a complete, quality education to children of parents who resides in remote areas. Several initiatives have since been taken and school now provides an attractive alternative to parents who opt to undertake their studies here.


We believe in providing high quality, comprehensive and meaningful education for all students. We further believe in securing our students future, illuminated by the knowledge acquired by them here, thereby facilitating them to be innovative and creative self reliant learners, ready to compete at all quarters with the outside world. We expect that all students to succeed and excel within the bounds of their abilities and chosen educational goals. We wish to see our ‘SMSIAN ‘ a responsible human being.


  • To provide strong foundation for the child in education to become a leader in the shifting and changing global scenario.
  • To establish a chain of schools/ where children grow up in a natural environment.
  • To provide State- Of – The – Art facilities to the students to develop themselves ‘Learning By Doing’ is the motto, where learning is pleasure.
  • To mould the child to be society committed and globally competent.

Our Ethos, Aims and Values:

Ethos: The ethos of the school will evidence:

  • Effective Leadership
  • Committed Teachers
  • A loving, caring and learning environment
  • High quality of teaching and learning.
  • Opportunities for professional development.

Aims: The school aims to:

  • Give students a sound foundation.
  • Encourage overall development of the students.
  • Promote equal opportunities for all students in every area of school life.

Goals In order to build and sustain the promise ethos, the school will strive to attain:

  • Improved quality of teaching.
  • Improved organizational structure.
  • Participate in community Service.